Puff Puff Pass the Help to Ukraine

Culture Club Ukraine made a lot for 4:20 people in Ukraine and now we ask 4:20 people for HELP and propose you some souvenirs to remember. 

When we started our company in 2015 it was a very start of the 4:20 lifestyle in Ukraine, but we knew it must become very friendly community in the future.

On February 24th we woke up with the sirens and that was the start of THE WAR! At this moment many Ukrainian cities are ruined by russian bombs, thousands of people are killed and millions are strugling.

As well as our army, citizens are fighting for Ukraine and for freedom. This is a war for another life – life in peace and unity!

We help each other here in Ukraine and world helps us too. Big thanks to all! We belive in Victory because we are united!

Culture Club as a Ukrainian brand decided to ask 4:20 friendly people for help. We belive that the price of one joint can help a lot. 

Get the memory souvenirs from Culture Club Ukraine, so the PROFIT (UP TO 95%) will be used for charity and we will remember this days as a days when we united!

who needs help?



During the war children are under fire and have to leave their homes. They are scared and need some help and shelter. We are going to contact shelters for children to provide them with food and clothes.



Imagine how hard does an animal feel. They just don’t understand what is happening. We are in contact with few shelters to provide them with food for cats and dogs.



Ukrainian army needs lots of help and supply. We also want to collect funds for hemp socks and t-shirts so the army will enjoy the quality and healthy effects of hemp products.

While helping Ukraine Crypto Community Donations raised over 60 million dollars in Crypto!

Explore our 4:20 NFTs and some more

Since we made a lot of paintings and got good promotion of 4:20 lifestyle in Ukraine we are proud to share this art to the world.
Each of the arts is unique and has its history, so they are very important for us and our clients.
This one above (on the main image) is related to equity and justice for example.
All the paintings are made by OKSI – co-owner of Culture Club Brand and owner of Culture Club Wear, as well as digital fashion designer presented on Ukrainian Fashion Week VR SHOW in 2022.

Buy “420 UAH with Volodimir Zelenskiy” NFT

This painting is not a HYPE or smth like that. We made this one long ago before the war and before Volodimir Zelenskiy became so popular all over the world.
As you may know Medical Cannabis is illegal in Ukraine as well as in all post soviet countries. When we had an ellection in 2020 Zelenskiy made a survey with five questions to our people and one of them was about Medical Cannabis legalization.
Thats why we created this art and used it as a sertificate for 420 ukrainian hryvnas in our shop, because we still belive that legalize may happen while he is a president.

pray for Ukraine. by Oksi

Check out Our Ukraine Independence NFTs

Ukrainian anthem sounds like the freedom song of all citizens. We have the freedom in our blood and we have the willing to fight for it.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

And some more 420 Ukraine NFTs

Some more paintings by Oksi inspired by monuments in Kyiv and 4:20 lifestyle. Arts were made long ago in 2020 and its already weared by hundreds on their t-shirts as well as many other prints we made.

Before hemp became forbidden Ukraine produced a lot of high quality hemp and ancestors used it in every day life for hundreds years already.

Get the memory souvenirs from Culture Club Ukraine, so the PROFIT will be used for charity

Everyone who want to help Ukraine can get a memory-souvenir from our company. 

We would like everyone to remember this war! Remember how we fought for our Freedom! Remember the heroes!

This is the war for the world peace and Ukraine stands for it! 

All the PROFIT  from sales Culture Club Ukraine will use for charity. There is a lot to do now!

Charity items to choose:

  • mini postcards-trays,
  • Tracker hats,
  • T-shirts,
  • Hoodies.
You can buy as many as you want. 
Just leave your contact details so we will write you back for delivery methods, sizes of clothes etc.
 Delivery costs are included.

Want to help Bigger? – Contact Us or use payPal to send $.

Choose your item! 99₴ = ~2.5$