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Explore 4:20 accessories with a reason.

420help.org was created to unite the help of our community and to gather funds for big HELP.

Culture Club – 4:20 brand from Kyiv (Ukraine) created in the 2015. KK is a short name for “Культурний Клуб” and the name was choosen to highlight the main purpose of a brand – to make the 4:20 time more pleasent and cultured.

We believe that 4:20 people are united and helpful, so Culture Club as a Ukrainian brand decided to ask 4:20 friendly people for help. The price of one joint can help a lot, we just need to gather.

All the PROFIT from this website (UP TO 95%) will be used for charity and you will have a memory about it!

who we are?


4:20 SHOP

Culture Club (Культурний Клуб) has two shops in Ukraine: one in Kyiv and one in Lviv.
We are open for collaboration all over the world.


4:20 ART

The owner of the brand is also an artist who create 4:20 art to populize this culture and to make it more fun and attractive. Check out our arts on the clothes, accessories and in NFT.



Culture Club was created to educate Ukraine and make 4:20 legal and OK for society, now we are teaching and informing people about the “4:20 science” and world news.


Buy “420 UAH with Volodimir Zelenskiy” NFT

This painting is not a HYPE or smth like that. We made this one long ago before the war and before Volodimir Zelenskiy became so popular all over the world.
As you may know Medical Cannabis is illegal in Ukraine as well as in all post soviet countries. When we had an ellection in 2020 Zelenskiy made a survey with five questions to our people and one of them was about Medical Cannabis legalization.
Thats why we created this art and used it as a sertificate for 420 ukrainian hryvnas in our shop, because we still belive that legalize may happen while he is a president.

Get the memory souvenirs from Culture Club Ukraine, so the PROFIT will be used for charity

This website was created to sell the art of our brand to use the PROFIT for charity reasons.

We would like everyone to enjoy our art as well as to have a memory about their help!

All the PROFIT  from the sales on 420help.org Culture Club will use for charity. 

You can buy as many as you want. 
Just leave your contact details so we will write you back for delivery methods, sizes of clothes or just to say “thank you”.
 Delivery costs are not included.

Want to help Bigger? – Contact Us or use payPal to send $.

Choose your item! 100₴ = ~2.5$